The Australia Day Lamb Ad

Following from my Australia Day post I have to mention another tradition that seems to have taken root started 13 years ago… the Meat and Livestock Australia lamb ads. From 2005 the ads have come out telling Aussies to eat lamb on Australia Day.

Here’s the 2019 ad which takes a poke at the rivalry between Australia and New Zealand (and our politics), and below it is one of my favourites (from 2016) and the one that started it all back in 2005 (which for an Aussie is very funny, although I’m not sure how it translates across the ocean).

10 comments on “The Australia Day Lamb Ad

  1. LOL lamb for prime ministers?! I only watched the first one but it was hilarious! I loved it!

  2. Hah! These are hilarious. Wasn’t there a similar ad one year with a bunch of deities sitting around a table eating lamb? I remember Ganesh, Jesus, Buddha, Zeus etc. I thought that was well done too.
    Just this week I started watching Flight of the Conchords so I only recently learned of the Australia/NZ rivalry.
    Happy Australia Day, AJ!


  3. Alas, I’m in class and can’t watch videos at the moment. Maybe later. It’s nice to have a good running joke.

    • A running joke is fun. Shame you can’t watch it in class (I bet some of the students aren’t being so diligent!).

  4. Wow, you guys go all out! Too funny! I’m still cracking up over “lamb and a Hemsworth.”

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