The view from my window

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What is the view from your window right now?
Okay, so I’ve cheated a little here. Rather than talk about the view right now, I’m talking about the view from my window today.

The reason for this is that outside my window is my garden, and in my garden is my birdbath. My birdbath is very popular, as is my garden, so I thought I’d share the visitors that I saw outside my window today…

Apologies for the haziness of the images – that’s from taking the photos through the window (and the dust storm we’re having).

What’s outside your window?

10 comments on “The view from my window

  1. A very nice view indeed! The only birds I see from my window are pigeons and seagulls. My garden is on my balcony, just a few pots. Lucky you!

  2. Wow!! I love it!! That’s an awesome view from your window! The view from my window would be “car tires” 😂

    But a dust storm? When are you going to get good weather 🥺🥺

    • Oh, I wouldn’t cope with that view, GF! We’ve had a shocker this week, fires got to 8km (5 mile) of our house which also meant more smoke, we had a hail storm that destroyed cars, windows and rooves (we were very lucky to come out unscathed), the dust storm…and sadly the hail didn’t bring rain (just 8 mm / 0.3 inches) so no relief from the drought.

      The joke around here is that we are going to get snow next!

  3. Wow! How lovely to see birds at your bath that I can only see here in zoos or as pets. It must be everyday for you (like me seeing a cardinal or blue jay) but it is so exotic to me!


    • We have so many cockatoos here is it crazy. They are a flocking bird, so it’s common to see 20 or 30 at a time. They line our roadways feeding on grass seeds. Usually mixed in with galahs and corellas.

      And yes, exactly the same – but we don’t get to see your birds in zoos here.

  4. Quite the collection of birds. Nice.

  5. Your garden looks lovely, and I hope you have some respite from the fires and weather very soon!

    My favorite window in my house is in my bedroom. It doesn’t have an amazing view, but I’ve seen many beautiful sunrises and sunsets from it.

    • The fires don’t seem to be going anywhere at the moment. They are about 18km away (11 mile). But there is rain forecast for this weekend, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed the forecast is right!

      And I love a good sunrise and sunset – you don’t need a fabulous view if you get those 🙂

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