Why worry?

As I’ve been chasing my tail all week thanks to a public holiday on Monday, I only started writing today’s post earlier today. Before it was finished I had to walk away from the computer to run some errands. Of course, when I came back I found my computer had updated. When it restarted, my blog post…didn’t. So instead of the most insightful and worthy blog post you’ll ever read *wink* you get this. Because, really, what’s the point in worrying about a lost blog post?


7 comments on “Why worry?

  1. How very strange! Blogger automatically saves while you’re posting. You might have lost d9me of it, but not all… Any chance of at least finding out what the post WOULD have been about? 😊

  2. Arghhhhh! I hate when I lose something. And those spontaneous updates are annoying. You’d think by now I would save after every sentence, but no…I still get caught out sometimes too. Sorry to hear this, AJ.


  3. I hate when that happens! I haven’t lost one in quite a while but the pain still lingers. Good calming summation, AJ.

  4. I love that you didn’t stress about it, AJ. Great modelling for how I want to be.

  5. Stressing about a lost post is pretty useless, really. I’ve lost more than a few. WordPress.com does automatically back up posts, but I’m not sure how it works with self-hosted WordPress. Still, I’ve learned to hit the “save draft” button before I go anywhere. I’m an old IT person…

  6. Oh my, that sucks. I was on a blog platform before I joined Blogger, and the reason I quit the other platform was because my posts would go *poof* for no reason.

  7. Thanks, everyone. The post was quite a long one so I was drafting in Word. I thought I’d saved and hadn’t *forehead slap*. I know Word saves temp files but I can never find them (and trust me, there have been times where I have practically torn the computer apart hunting for them). Wasn’t worth it for this.

    I will redo soon because the topic fascinates me – I just couldn’t face redoing yesterday (plus time had got the better of me). You’ll know it by the ducks…

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