Canadian gifts

The Hub has just returned from a work trip to Ottawa, Canada. He had a really good trip and even managed to squeeze in an ice hockey match (Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers) and a visit to a museum. As he was chilling it in -14’C / 7’F [we were sweltering at 39’C / 102’F], he would have loved to have managed to bit of snowboarding, but logistically it didn’t work (there is no public transport to the slopes).

The only other thing he managed to do was to squeeze in a little gift shopping. He always finds something for the Barbarians (they got snow globes with Mounties, Ottawa Senators caps and maple lollies) and himself (the warm-up puck from the ice hockey game).

But not always me. I don’t ask for anything, or want anything, so it’s only if The Hub sees something that he really thinks is me, does he buy me anything. This trip he did see something, and he’s right, I love them.

I am now the proud owner of two cakes of Dam Soap: “Moose on the Loose” and “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” flavours. It is artisan hand-made soap. I haven’t opened them yet because my nose is still recovering and I want to be able to enjoy their scent when I use them.

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  1. I hope he hasn’t caught a cold from the switch in weather! So cold one week and then warm the next! I’m so jealous he got the see the hockey game!! And he got the warm up puck?! How did that happen?!?!?! But if he looked out from the parking lot of the Sen’s building, he could see my brothers house!! He lives literally RIGHT THERE next to the property!!!

    I hope he enjoyed our little country 🥰 next time you need to tag along!

    • I wish I could tell an amazing story behind the puck, but you can actually purchase it, lol.

      • Welll then…. LOL now I’m a little less jealous but not 100% over it lol I’m sorry he didn’t get to hit the slopes. I hope he wasn’t too disappointed!

  2. Hope you enjoy your Dam soap 🤣🤣🤣
    This post made me smile.
    Come to Canada sometime, AJ. We got all the Dam things.


    • Technically I’ve been to Canada (aeons ago). Was in the US at Niagra and walked over the bridge to the Canadian side – was there an hour, lol.

      But I would love to go back. Canada is definitely on my wish list of places to visit (I actually would love to see Canada and finish with an Alaskan cruise!).

  3. That is quite the difference in temps. Looks like he found you the perfect gift.

    • The change in temps was quite crazy. He actually prefers the cold, so it was more of a shock coming back to the heat than it was going to the cold for him (opposite to me – I’m a lizard).

  4. I hope the soap is enjoyable for you – and yes, do use it. I still have a tiny bottle of maple syrup a friend bought me, which I ought to use. I can always refill it from locally bought maple syrup.

    • I’ll use my soap and you should use your syrup 🙂 I like maple syrup on pancakes with bacon, but otherwise I’m not a huge maple syrup fan.

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