Mission (im)Possible

I’m a goal setting kind of person, and at the beginning of each year I usually set my goals, which I stick on my desk so I can’t forget them. I am flexible and adjust as needed – a year is a long time and sometimes life swings left when you thought it would go right – but I usually try to stick to them.

This year life didn’t just swing left, it spun on the spot, jumped up and down and stuck its tongue out. Needless to say, I have only achieved a teeny part of my goal list.

This week I set my goals for 2020, which are really a rehash of the goals for 2019. As I said, it didn’t go well this year. But what I also did was write-up a schedule for the year, hopefully to help keep me on track. And motivated. I may have been a little ambitious (a flaw of mine), but lists and schedules always help.

I guess time will tell 🙂

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Do you set goals? How have they gone in 2019? And are your prepping your 2020 goals?

6 comments on “Mission (im)Possible

  1. I don’t set goals lol maybe that’s why my life is usually “oh same ol’ Same ol’” whenever someone asks 😂 but also now new job which is awesome! But no goal setting lol

    • You have goals, GF. Continue in your job until the 2 year mark and then re-evaluate. Find a new housemate. Get more involved in the social side of your Church. See, you didn’t even know 🙂

  2. Yes, I set goals and intentions. I also like to have a theme (set by a specific word) for each year. Developing those at the moment…
    I agree with you that lists and schedules help keep one on track! Because life gets busy and it’s all too easy to get distracted away from what you want to achieve!


    • Ooooh, I like your use of “intentions”, Deb.Maybe I should break mine up into Goals and Intentions. Goals – the things that are important to achieve and Intentions – the things that would be great to achieve, but aren’t as important.

  3. Yeah, this year has gone a bit sideways, hasn’t it. (At least my room is put back together. Who knew that would take half the year?) Sometimes it’s totally okay to redo the previous list. Fingers crossed that you’ll get it all done.

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