Christmas Bounty

Wow, another Christmas done and dusted. Our decorations are down and Christmas lights in – they just need to be packed away. It’s been a lovely couple of days (quite cool, so no picnicking sadly).

I was very spoilt this Christmas as you can tell from the photo below:

A very dear friend gave me the latest Kerry Greenwood mystery (I *love* Phryne Fisher) and a small bottle of Bailey’s (I rarely drink, but I do like Bailey’s). The Hub and Barbarians gave me a new phone and case (my old phone is going to Jeckle this year as he’s now old enough to get his first phone), the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) calendar (I get this every year and I love it…I’m a bit of a weather freak) and a vlogging microphone (which is quite exciting because I record lectures for work, writing workshops and am thinking of doing some youtube videos – and my cheap little headset sounds, well, cheap).

How was your Christmas? Was Santa kind to you as well?

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  1. We don’t take down our decorations until January 1. Glad you had a great Christmas!

    • The Barbarians birthdays bracket Christmas, so we don’t put anything Christmassy out until a few days after the pre-Christmas birthday, and then pack everything away fairly quickly afterwards so there is a gap for the post-Christmas birthday. We want to make sure they are 3 discrete events that are celebrated separately.

  2. Wow how lovely!!! Santa delivered my monty cycle while I was sleeping (3 days early I might add) so OBVIOUSLY I made the naughty list. Or he knew I’d have plans this week and wanted to make sure it was over before then? No idea! Still very upset.

    My family didn’t do presents this year (well the children took ourselves out, my parents still did gifts for themselves) but I ordered a stand for my phone to record nail videos from above and a fitbit watch. Two things I have been wanting for ages! So I’m pretty happy about that 😃😃 and my brother bought himself a house (YAY) and a snowmobile LOL

    • Wow, your brother certainly went big this year, lol. But you got yourself some lovely presents too (I hope you’ve been enjoying using them).

  3. I’ve been eyeing those microphones. You’ll have to tell us how well it works.

  4. You certainly do seem to have scored muchly this year, and very thoughtful gifts from those who know you best.

    I’m planning to get a new phone myself this year; the old one was the last that Steve Jobs launched, so treasured, but it’s on iOS 9.3 and can’t go further. So I mean to spoil myself.

    I got a little hamper of edible goodies from one friend, an eftpos card from two others, which I immediately spent on books, and an Amazon card from a dear friend. I have already spent over half on a Kindle book, the newest Benjamin January historical whodunnit. I confess I love gift cards!

    I spent Christmas Day with my mother, who was not up to going out for a beach picnic, but agreed to go into the garden for a post lunch coffee and nibbles, which made me very happy. We sat out there reading peacefully till dinner time.

    • I did score 🙂 but it sounds like you received lovely gifts as well. Sitting in the garden, reading with a cuppa, sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

  5. LOL well I don’t think either of his purchases were specifically for Christmas since the house closed in late October/early November and the snowmobile was purchased in early November (second hand and not working LOL) but yeah big things for him!

    I used the tripod over the weekend and it worked great! But the nails turned out horrible so the videos were scrapped haha fitbit is still in transit!

  6. Haha nope! Not the stamping plates! Although I learned a trick to make them work better and will be testing it out this weekend!

  7. I got pocket screw jig, so I can start making furniture, in my spare time.

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