Top of Australia

The Hub and a few mates have mountain biked and hiked to the top of Australia today. Mt Kosciuszko is Australia’s highest peak at 2,228 metres (7,310 ft) above sea level.

View from the top of Australia (on Mt Kosciuszko)

I climbed to the top when I was about 16 years old but think I might have to do it again.

Have you been to the highest point of your country?

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  1. So I just googled and I haven’t been to the highest point in Ontario or Canada LOL

  2. I have been to Mt. McKinley, but not to the summit. We were fortunate enough to visit Jungfraujoch in Switzerland at the elevation of 11,332 ft (3,454 meters). What a view!

    • Mt McKinley is in Alaska, isn’t it? I imagine that means it is snow covered all year round which would make it tricky to get to the top! I bet the view from Jungfraujoch was amazing – I’ve always wanted to visit Switzerland because the country side looks incredible.

  3. I love that image–the visual and the words. “Top of Australia”–cool.

  4. That is quite the view. I’m not a mountain climber, so no, never been on top of that mountain.

    • It’s not exactly “mountain climbing”, lol. There is a trail so pretty much everyone with average fitness can manage the hike.

  5. Yep. Walked it with the hubby a few years ago. Exhilarating.

  6. Haha possibly! I know the highest in Canada is quite high. Definitely not a simple hike.

  7. I made it almost to the top of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the Appalachians at 6600 feet.

    I got stopped by a Ranger, who informed us that there was a rampaging bear around and we should go, we did.

    • Being told, sure you can go to the top but you have to face a rampaging bear, would make me go as well!

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