Daylight savings woes

It’s that time of year… daylight savings is about to start. If you’ve followed my blog for long enough you will know I hate daylight saving. I am sure it is an invention of night owls, because I just don’t see how any other morning larks can like it.

I wake with the sun, and absolutely love waking early in the summer months. I get so much done in my morning time before I have to go to work. But with daylight saving I lose an hour. Grrr.

I believe the US switched to daylight savings last summer and have never switched back (ugh, that’s worse). I keep hoping we’ll switch off and get told we’re never turning back on.

Are you a morning lark or night owl? And do you like daylight savings?

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  1. This is why I am glad I live in QLD we don’t have Daylight savings….(YET) and I do not think I would be able to handle it. Seems like a waste of time literally. I still do not understand what it is meant to achieve despite being told the reason.

  2. Kerrin, I am a transplanted Qlder and I would happily move back, especially when daylight savings kicks in down here. I remember when we trialled it in Qld – was very happy when it was voted against!

    And I agree with you. In the height of summer it is light in Canberra until 9pm… without daylight savings it would still be light at 8pm. How much light do people need?

  3. Hi Anita! Sorry, but I love daylight saving. I love being able to stay out at the beach a bit later and, when I was working, getting to see my home in daylight. And being able to go for a walk after work. The loss of an hour is only once, after that you forget, unless you are, say, getting up to milk the cows.

    Another advantage, for me, is that we get a call from overseas once a week and he insists on calling in his small hours, which means earlier for us. During daylight saving, he can call a bit earlier his time, but later ours.

    Still, I know a lot of people do hate it.

    • Haha. I’m not worried about the loss of an hour’s sleep, but the everyday loss of an hour of light before work. As a morning person that’s when I want to be doing things in the sun, not at 8.30pm at night.

  4. Our Congress debated eliminating DST, but didn’t. Darn!

  5. Our clocks “fall back” the first Sunday in November. We spend so much of the year on Daylight Saving Time, we might as well stay there. We’ve actually done it, back in the ’70’s, where we set them ahead at the end of April and left them there until the end of the following October.

    For years, it was six months on, six months off, and it made sense because the sun was coming up before 6 AM at the beginning. Then they changed it to the mess we have now…

    • Oh, that’s interesting, John. I had read you guys were staying on permanent daylight savings, but I guess I was misinformed. We are 6 months on, 6 months off (but not all states – land mass wise it is well less than 50% of the country that has daylight saving).

  6. They have talked about permanent Daylight Saving, but they haven’t instituted it yet. I know in California we voted on a measure that made it legal (or some such), but the legislature never took the final step.

    I don’t much care. I don’t like waking in the dark, so I’ll be happy when we go back to Standard Time in a couple weeks (November? I can’t recall exactly when).

    • I don’t like waking in the dark either, which is another tick against daylight saving, lol.

  7. Giggling Fattie

    October 2, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    OH MY GOSH! So they have been teasing the Canadian public for YEARS with the promise of getting rid of it and so far nothing has happened! I hate getting used to the time change, and its worse the older I get. Just enough already!

  8. I LOVE daylight saving (I live in Sydney). It’s nothing to do with being a morning lark or night owl – I’m somewhere in between – but being able to make efficient use of daylight hours. Works for me!

  9. It seems like the originators of our time line got it wrong. I much prefer the time being an hour later than Standard Time.

    I guess politicians are stuck in the mud of even this, though. I haven’t been able to get them to change it permanently.

    At least my internet is back from storm land.

  10. Somehow whether we gain an hour or lose an hour, I am still tired for two weeks. I don’t think I adjust very well, and I wish we could pick one and stick with it!

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