My gosh, where has the time gone? I am again behind in posting blogs and reading blogs. On the whole, 2022 has not been a top of the pops year, and I am limping to the finish line. To be honest, I would happily draw a line under 2022 right now, and leap into 2023 to see what it holds. I know the 1st of January is an arbitrary moment in time and has no bearing on what life holds, but even so, it does seem to dangle the idea of a fresh start. Unless I can scratch out a whole pile of time and propel myself instantly into 2023 the thing I would like more of right now is…time. Crazy right? But if I had more time, then the pile of everything that is hanging over me would go from cliff to hill. I hope I can keep the momentum going here – but I’m not sure 2022 has finished with me yet. Fingers crossed!

How are you finding 2022?

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9 comments on “Time?

  1. There have been some ups and downs in 2022. Like right now, at home sick, instead of going to work LOL. Overall I’d say its been kind of sucky – especially considering the relationship with my brother and my summer work issues. Moving forward though! I hope 2023 is good for both of us!

  2. 2022 has not been my favorite, either. At this point, I’m just hoping I can limp far enough to make it to 2023 LOL. We will celebrate the fresh start when we get there!

  3. I haven’t felt that this year was too bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s been one of my better ones.

  4. I’m limping along this year. I feel like I have no time, too. It’ll get better eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    • What is it with time? I have wondered if the last 2 years messed up our sense of time. What with lockdowns and cancelled events etc, our brains didn’t have the regular things to “cement” itself to when judging the passing of time, so this year has thrown it for a loop? Not sure, I just look forward to when we do have more time.

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