Dog’s point-of-view

When I was walking our fur-child, Ludo, the other day I started to wonder…what do dogs think of our fascination with their droppings? I mean, no sooner have they done their business and their owners are down there, bag in hand, collecting it. Not only that, we then carry that little bag with us all the way home.

We really must seem ever so odd. Dogs when they find interesting droppings sniff them, or just eat it (kangaroo droppings are particularly delightful!) – they don’t collect them.

Mind you, I am sure there are many things that puzzle dogs about their owner’s behaviour. What do you think puzzles them?

Ludo on one of our walks.

10 comments on “Dog’s point-of-view

  1. Hunh. As one who believes animals are more sentient that we know, that’s a great question.

  2. In my condo complex, we have trash cans for the dog poop. I much prefer that to carting the poop all the way back to my place.

    • We have no choice when we are walking the suburbs, but it goes straight in the wheely bin in the backyard when we get home.

  3. I often wonder what my dog thinks about human behavior! I assume he is confused about why we don’t sniff each other when we meet up lol

    Ludo looks like a very good walking companion!

    • My gosh, Jenny, I often think how lucky we are we don’t have to sniff each other’s butts when we greet each other, lol.

  4. Probably thinking “HEY! I was gonna eat dat!” You know dogs…

  5. I don’t think they give a poop. They will continue to shower their affections on us, unless we forget to feed them.

    • Mine would never let us forget to feed him – he drives us mental when he’s ready for more food!

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