Friday fish & chips

We have a bit of a family tradition that whenever possible we have an easy Friday dinner and have a family movie night. Thanks to a range of reasons we haven’t done this for a few weeks and we have all missed it. But tonight we are going to make it happen.

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The plan is to cook some really nice fish (I have red-throated emperor defrosting – caught on the Great Barrier Reef by my folks) and we will buy hot chips from the local fish and chip store. I’m already drooling.

The movie isn’t locked in stone, but we are favouring “Yesterday” at the moment.

How are you spending Friday evening?

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  1. It’s still Thursday evening here. ‘m not even sure how we’ll spend it. 🤣

    I had great fish and chips from a chip shop in Sydney. It looked like they hadn’t changed the oil in a while, which is why it was so great. It’s like pizza in Chicago: the secret is that they never clean the oven…

    • I knew it would be early, but it’s Friday morning here and I just got the fish out of the freezer and was thinking about the chips we’ll buy…

      The other secret to cooking good chips is double frying and the oil you use. We have a fish and chip shop closer to us, but their chips just aren’t as yummy as the ones from the next suburb over, so that’s where we buy them from. Of course, this being Oz, there is pretty much a fish and chip shop in every suburb, so no shortage of places to buy from.

  2. Yesterday was good. You’ll have to let us know if you enjoyed it. I just saw Tenet, but I wouldn’t recommend that for family movie night. It was rather violent, but mind bendy, too.

  3. Giggling Fattie

    May 14, 2021 at 9:07 pm

    Its Friday morning here now! After work I always go grocery shopping so I can do my weekly cooking on Saturday morning. My Friday night will be relaxing. I have a book I need to get finished or I won’t be able to read all the others before my 3 weeks is up on the library loans haha! So it’ll be shopping, reading, dinner, reading, an episode or two of something, bed. I didn’t have the most restful sleep last night so I hope to fix that tonight!

  4. Now I’m drooling. I might start my own family tradition…

  5. I haven’t had fish and chips in forever. Red-throated emperor sounds very exotic! I am quite a ways from the ocean, so our freshest fish are probably river trout and whatever is in the lakes. (I obviously don’t fish, haha!)

    • Haha. Red-throated emperor are found on the great Barrier Reef and are expensive if you have them in a restaurant. They are a favourite in our family. Fish and chips is a popular meal in Oz.

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