Fate in concert

Yesterday I went to the theatre for the first time since before covid. The performance by the National Capital Orchestra was limited to a smidge over an hour performance time, with no interval, but the theatre was allowed 100% capacity.

It was lovely getting out with a friend (we had a mutual friend playing in the orchestra) and hearing live music.

The orchestra played four pieces:
– Overture to the Magic Flute (Mozart)
– The Blue Mountains (Sally Greenaway)
– Kol Nidrei (Bruch)
– Symphony no.5 (Beethoven)

The first and last pieces – Mozart and Beethoven – are very well known and are pieces I really enjoy. (Although most people only know the first 5 bars of Beethoven and would probably be surprised to learn the piece actually plays for 30 minutes.)

Sally Greenaway is a local (international) composer who is very generous with her support of local musicians. I wish I could play you the piece, because it was absolutely lovely. She composed it when working with Howard Shore (behind the scores for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies).

Max Bruch is a German composer (late 1800s). I’m not familiar with his work, but I really enjoyed his piece. It featured James Monro on cello (which is a wonderful instrument to listen to). James did a fabulous job, especially when you consider he is only 17 years old. Afterwards he performed an encore with a solo piece of his own composition.

Of course there were covid protocols to follow, but it almost felt normal. Have you done anything lately that felt almost normal?

The opening to Beethoven’s fifth symphony for your listening pleasure:

8 comments on “Fate in concert

  1. Giggling Fattie

    May 17, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    Awwww this sounds awesome!!

  2. I really need a good orchestral concert. Your agenda sounds wonderful.

  3. I think we forget that symphonies have four movements (instead of just the opening bars of the first). I’m partial to Beethoven’s 7th.

    No, not really doing anything “normal” around here, although the amusement parks are opening back up. But it’s been years since I’ve been, so I’m not missing anything.

    • The 7th symphony is a pretty piece, although I haven’t listened to it in a long time. I’d imagine having the amusement parks open would help tourism though.

  4. Oh, live music! Lucky you! I have not been to an indoor performance or a movie theater since pre-covid. Our mask restrictions are loosening up (perhaps prematurely). I’m fully vaccinated so I will be comfortable listening to outdoor music this summer. Inside with a large group still feels a little sketchy though!

    • I have to say, I did feel a little uncomfortable with everyone being close. It’s funny how quickly we adapt to a new norm.

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