Vaccinated 50%

Yesterday I received my first covid vaccination. Very happy!

Choco Vanilla | Chupa Chups

I received the Pfizer vax and afterwards, because of my allergies, I had to wait for 30mins (standard is 15). I went prepared for this, so I had my kindle with me. After the shot, they offered me a chupa chup lollypop. Can I say, that was a lovely 30mins. Sucking my choc-vanilla lollypop and reading for half an hour without any interruptions.

I’ve had a slightly sore arm, although no worse than the flu shot. It’s the next one that will be the cruncher. They say the second shot is worse than the first (the opposite to AstraZeneca). I guess I’ll know in 3 weeks!

They say we’ll have to have a booster next year (and probably annually after that) thanks to the virus’ mutations. Even so, do you feel safer having had the vax (or if you haven’t would it)?

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  1. I also got Pfizer and had the same mild reaction. The second was no worse. Do you get to remove your mask now? People are all over the board on that here. I do feel much safer having taken the vaccine.

    An annual booster–I’ve heard rumblings of that. Hmm…

    • Jacqui, we don’t have a mask to remove. Australia has done really well, so there are limited places we are required to wear a mask. It’s usually only if there is an outbreak from a quarantine hotel, but these days they seem to be fairly quickly brought under control *touchwood*.

      Our government has announced there will be a booster and they will probably be using Moderna for that one.

  2. Giggling Fattie

    May 19, 2021 at 12:48 am

    I had a much worse reaction to the first Pfizer dose LOL for about 8 hours the next day I felt horrible. But it appeared super quick and left super quick.

    I am so jealous your 2nd dose is in 3 weeks… mine is the last week of August. But thankfully that’s still a whole week before school starts so if I get hit with the flu like symptoms then I will have time to rest!

    Yay to being half way to vaccinated!!

    • Wow, end of August? They say 3 weeks between Pfizer and 3 months between AstraZeneca in Australia.

  3. I’m two weeks post my second shot today, and I feel so, so much safer.
    After the first dose, I was a little tired the next day, but my entire arm felt like I’d done a million push-ups. After the second, I was a little more tired the next day and my joints felt itchy. Then, I was just fine.

    • Yay to being protected! I’m looking forward to reaching that magic 2 week mark post-vaccination #2.

  4. Yay! We kept hearing about major issues with the 2nd shot, but from the people of my acquaintance, I haven’t heard anything other than the sore arm and some minor issues. (I went to bed really early the next night. I was mostly fine.)

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed #2 won’t be too bad. But even if it is worse, it will only last a day or two – still better than covid!

  5. Tomorrow will be six weeks since I was fully Pfizerated. The second dose left me fluttering like fledgling bird with a damaged wing.

    It took a few days to return to almost normal, if I remember what that is. Last year left me somewhat discombobulated and I yearn for the new normal to arrive and carry me away.

    • Lol, love that term – Pfizerated. I think I might steal that one from you. I think we are all wanting to settle into whatever our new normal will be. I think it won’t be until 2023 until everything is as close to normal as it can be. Still, life should continue to improve until that point.

  6. Giggling Fattie

    May 19, 2021 at 11:34 am

    Oh yes, its supposed to be 4-6 weeks between, BUT our government wants more people to have first doses so now its 3.5 months between…

  7. Giggling Fattie

    May 19, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Haha yes! Apparently since we are getting more vaccines now that the USA has so many people fully vaccinated, they might be moving up the second dose but we have to wait and see

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