Funny things kids today will never know

Recently a friend was asking on Twitter for things that are different now compared to the 1980’s:

At the same time, my youngest Barbarian and I had a conversation and his analogy for a yucky noise wasn’t the familiar one. I commented and he asked, “What does nails down a blackboard sound like?” (asked without any cringing whatsoever, unlike me who shivered just hearing the question). Um, yeah, they don’t have blackboards anymore. I guess that’s something else today versus 33 years ago will never know.

I thought it might be fun to think of other things kids today won’t know. What can you think of?

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12 comments on “Funny things kids today will never know

  1. You made me smile. What great memories.

  2. Once upon a time, I had a student ask me how I hid my cell phone when I was her age. She could not comprehend that there were no cell phones when I was her age (and that those big bricks weren’t actually seen by real people).

    • Kids these days wouldn’t survive our times. They’d have to entertain themselves and wouldn’t be able to chat to their friends 24/7!

  3. The same goes for hanging up the phone!

    It used to be that if you missed your favorite holiday show, you would have to wait an entire year to see it! No watching The Grinch in July just because you felt like it 🙂

    • Ah, so true! And you used to wait for the ad break to race to the fridge / toilet / shower or whatever else you had to do relying on whoever you were watching with to call out “it’s back”, lol.

  4. I haven’t caught up enough to know what kids actually do these days. I fell behind a while agone and get a blank look at some of the things kids say.

    • Well, because they need to be surgically removed from their devices, stare at screens is a pretty safe bet for what kids these days do.

  5. I remember, during the summer, being told to leave the house at 9 AM and not to return until dinnertime. You could stop in for lunch, but not long enough to turn the TV on or sit down. We spent most of the day doing things that would have gotten us in trouble, except no one caught us doing them….

  6. I spent a lot of time outside, playing adventure games with the boy next door, or visiting another friend, or going to see a movie with her. Despite all that, I can remember a lot of TV shows of that era.

    A few years ago, some students walked into the library workroom to pick up something and spotted our typewriter. We had one because it was better for typing spine labels than trying to print out a sheet from the computer. It was an electronic machine. And the kids were so fascinated! “Ooh, what is that, miss? Is it…a typewriter?”

    • Haha, in high school I learnt to type on an electric typewriter, which I thought was really flash because we had a manual typewriter at home.

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