Made for walking

I love boots but it has been a number of years since I have had a good pair of knee high boots. My last pair (which I *loved*) ended up being thrown out after the lining inside them disintegrated. I probably could have had them fixed, but to be honest, my dodgy feet could no longer take the heels (even though they were chunky and of medium height).

I’ve got a few pairs of vinyl (or PU or vegan – take the label of your choosing) boots, but the quality is definitely low. In one pair I can feel every little pebble underfoot. They don’t fit as well as I would like either, but I could make do with them.

But this weekend I bought myself a new pair of high leather boots with a low heel. They are lovely. I hope that after I have worn them a few times I’ll love them as much as my old ones.

Are you a boots person?

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12 comments on “Made for walking

  1. Giggling Fattie

    June 14, 2021 at 10:45 pm

    I have some ankle booties that I love!!! Haven’t worn them in over a year though because of covid LOL but I still love them! I just love how it feels to walk in boots. Extra bouncy 😉

    • I love them because they are warm and mean I can wear dresses in winter (love wearing a dress – as I rediscovered a few years ago after not wearing them for a good decade or more).

  2. The picture didn’t come through. Sigh. I wanted to see these boots. My favorite boots from decades ago were Frye.

  3. I’m not a shoes person, really. I will go barefoot as often as I can, and then sandals if I really must. (Part of this is because I have a really wide foot, so finding shoes in my size is a challenge.)

    • I’m the opposite, Liz, I have a really narrow (and long) foot, so I hate shoe shopping as well. I go bare foot most of summer, but in winter it’s too cold.

  4. The closest I’ve come to those were biker boots. Chemical resistant, steel toed and mean looking isn’t that close though. At other phases of my life I have had a few pair of roach kicking cowboy boots, now, though, just hiking boots with no fashion sense.

    My arches force me to wear shoes with support, so no Sketchers.

    • Ahh, yes, my feet require podiatrist issued orthotics, so I am limited in the shoes I can wear also. But in my past I’ve had steel caps and still have hiking boots, although I tend to mostly just wear my sneakers.

  5. Congrats, they look nice!

    I am short, so knee high boots are not doing great things for my overall appearance.
    I do, however, LOVE me some 3-letter suede ankle boots made in your country, even though I can only wear them on dry days. We’re getting some 30°C these days, though, so they have to wait their turn.

    • Thank you! Oh, I love my ugg boots. My last pair have finally almost died, so I’ve just bought a brand new pair, although I am still wearing the old pair around the house becuase they are so comfy.

  6. When I lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota, I was definitely a boots person, but not the fashionable kind so much as the keeping-warm kind. I do remember the go-go craze and owned a pair of blue, above-the calf boots that made me feel like queen of the road! Ah, memories.

    • I have my boots for keeping warm. I have another pair that are thermo lined specifically for cold weather. My boots are all boring black though. Nothing as daring as blue!

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