Our pup in cup

Today was Ludo’s first cafe experience. At least, it was supposed to be. What we hadn’t counted on was how busy the little cafe one suburb over from The Hub’s work would be! We couldn’t get an outdoor seat in either of their outdoor spaces. Instead we bought takeaway drinks and wandered around the green space next to the nearby school, letting Ludo enjoy all the smells. At the end of our walk (ie when we finished our drinks), The Hub decided to let Ludo lick out his cup (don’t worry, we both had chai lattes – no caffeine in sight). This was Ludo’s first taste of milk (albeit a spiced milk). I think the picture says it all…

I think he would have gone further in if his ears hadn’t stopped him

I took home a sticky but very happy pup. Do you take or have you taken your dog to local cafes?

14 comments on “Our pup in cup

  1. Giggling Fattie

    June 12, 2021 at 8:17 am

    Awwww so cute!!! I have never taken my pet to a cafe. But I do get him little snackies from drive throughs!

    • It’s becoming a lot more common across Australia for outdoor seating at cafes to allow dogs. They even put out water bowls for them (although some go so far as to provide items on the menu as well!).

  2. Giggling Fattie

    June 12, 2021 at 9:21 am

    Aww thats so cute! Im glad he had a good time with everyone! You can order a “pupachino” here at starbucks! Its just a cup of whipped cream haha

  3. Yes, the quarantine era is almost over, the quarantine era is almost, all over the rich countries of the world. The rest of the world, not yet, but there are promises.

    By God, I hope it all holds together this time.

    Cute Puppy.

    • It’s great to see that many Western countries are donating vaccinations to others that can’t afford them. Covid needs a joint international effort which they seem to realise *phew*.

      And thanks, we think so, but we may be a tad bit biased 😉

  4. Now Ludo is going to want that all the time…

    • Oh, that’s probably true, Liz. He’s a fast learner. If he sees a takeaway cup any bet he’ll be wanting his sip.

  5. Love that. I consider my dog a Homo canine (as in a member of my genus). Love pups!

  6. Lots of people where I live take their dogs everywhere. Sadly, my dog isn’t that kind of dog. He’s a little anxious in unfamiliar situations. Not aggressive at all, just a barker!

    • We were very spoilt with our last boy because he rarely ever made a noise. So having a dog that barks even a small amount (like Ludo) is a bit of a shock.

  7. Someone loves his milk! When I was living at home, our dog Jenna had the same meal we did every Friday night – chicken soup and veggies, with strips of chicken, to avoid dangerous chicken bones. The only difference was that she had it all in one bowl. How delightful it was to see her tail wagging as she ate!

    • Oh, that sounds like a lovely Friday night dinner (for the 2-legged and the spoilt 4-legged family members).

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