A week ago Canberra had snow. If it’s going to be cold, at least this makes it exciting.

I woke up to snow on the Mt Taylor, the peak we can see from our place.

Mt Taylor peak (with a cockatoo in the sky)

We had snow flurries on and off for 4 hours at our house, then sleet for a couple of hours, then rain. And of course, it was bitterly cold all day.

Snow flurry

My happy, sunny spring bulbs were probably in shock!

Anemones in the snow

The next day, when the clouds had lifted, Canberra was surrounded by white-capped mountains.

The view to the Brindabella Mountain Range

Do you like the snow? To visit or in your backyard?

12 comments on “Snow

  1. Giggling Fattie

    August 31, 2020 at 9:09 pm

    I do!!! As long as it stays off the roads a d sidewalks haha which is never an agreement that works 😂

  2. What a beautiful picture of mountains. I do like snow, but from a distance!

  3. I grew up in Chicago, where it snows from late October to the middle of April (and sometimes later). One of the key considerations in deciding to move to Atlanta was that it doesn’t snow here too often. No, I don’t like snow.

    • Oh, I envy you, John. You moved the right way. We went from the sub-tropics to the cold. The Hub loves it so I’m probably stuck.

  4. Great pictures, and I especially like the juxtaposition of snow and a cockatoo!

    We get snow every winter, sometimes more, sometimes less. I’m not a winter sport person, so I don’t enjoy it as much as many people around here do. I like a white Christmas, though! And the wet spring snows that melt really fast. But January and February…no thanks!

    • Thanks, Jenny! I had better photos of the snow, but I liked that one because of the cockatoo.

      Ahh, see, we could never have a white Christmas, so our snow doesn’t come with presents 😉

  5. Snow? What is this snow of which you speak?

    Seriously, though, if you want to feel warm, think of us here in California. The last couple weeks we’ve been in the 90s F. I see next weekend we’re supposed to get to 100 F. (100 F is about 38 C.) Yes, we would enjoy some cooler temps. But if it were to snow where I live, we’d go nuts. (It rarely snows here. Our coldest days are maybe in the 30s F at night, a.k.a. 2 C.) And that isn’t even mentioning the wildfires burning.

    • I’m hoping the rain we got that followed our summer of fires is on its way to you.

      We still get the 100+ temps in summer, but dip much lower in winter. The joys of an inland city in the mountains.

  6. I haven’t seen much snow. We have had it in Melbourne, but very little. I remember seeing little piles on the footpath on the way to Flemington, where I used to work many years ago. There was some more recently, but nowhere near where I live.

    Oddly the very first places where I did see snow were places you’d assume were hot. There was a flurry of snow at Tehran airport when we were going to our plane. I saw a tiny amount in Arad, in the south of Israel, and a fair bit on the way up the Jebel Mousa in the Sinai desert.

    I don’t have a back yard, only a balcony, but I think I prefer snow from a distance, looking pretty on a mountain!

  7. Wow, you have travelled to some amazing places, Sue! Snow looks really pretty falling, and on the mountain tops, and I’m very happy for it to stay there, lol.

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