The things people steal…

Why would someone steal my “what not to flush” sign from the toilet? I mean, I made the sign to be a little pretty, and a little funny (thanks to borrowing the format from others via Google), but it was just a self-printed and laminated piece of paper blue-tacked to the wall.

The toilet at work is used by staff and clients of the business. We know the last time a staff member recalls seeing it on the wall, and I know when I realised, 1.5 days later, that it was gone. There were only so many people through the clinic, and we know who they were. But we can’t imagine any of them stealing the sign. Still, someone took it. Weird.

What do you think, worth stealing?

The missing sign

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  1. With the way the economy is working, someone will steal anything that is not bolted down. Maybe it has to do with the fact that you can’t ever get all that you need, at the moment.

    The surprising thing that got stolen, for me, happened when I was in the sign business. It was not that one of those signs was stolen, it was how many of them were stolen. We had to use a boat to install them, and took the boat away with us. After a few times I started making the signs by the dozen. I can understand to desire for a “Don’t feed the alligators sign, but…

  2. Well, if your business needs a similar sign, and that one’s free, I see the issue. Suggestion: Repost the sign; add a note ‘You can purchase this sign for $1.00. See receptionist.”

    What do you think?

  3. It’s a super cute and funny sign, which makes it desirable for those that can’t come up with one like that on their own. Perhaps paint or stencil it onto the wall next time?


  4. Oh my gosh it is so cute!! Especially the hopes and dreams and goldfish part hahaha! I’m sorry your sign was stolen!

  5. Perhaps it offended somebody? I don’t know why it would, but why else steal it. If someone liked it, they could have just asked for a copy. Right?

    • Gosh, I hope it didn’t offend anyone. I tried to make it as innocuous as I could. But I would have happily emailed a copy if they’d asked.

  6. It’s a very clever sign, but I have no explanation for why it went missing, except that people just do what they do.

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