The ultimate lockdown haircut

One of the first things people did when lockdown ended was get a haircut. But I don’t think anyone needed a haircut – or had such a dramatic transformation – as Ludo.

Our pup is now 10 months old, and just as we went into lockdown back in early August he started losing his puppy fur and getting his much thicker and longer adult fur. With his new fur he looked like a sheep. I was brushing him for about 2 hours everyday and couldn’t keep the matting at bay.

Ludo with lockdown fur

We now have a new dog. He’s also much happier. Not a surprise, I am sure that huge coat was hot and uncomfortable, especially with the matting around his neck especially. But he gone from looking like a sheep to a lamb (especially his legs which aren’t stumpy like I thought).

Ludo with his post-lockdown groom

Seriously, if it wasn’t for his eyes and bark we would swear he’d been swapped out. What do you think of his new look?

14 comments on “The ultimate lockdown haircut

  1. That’s right, you are heading towards summer, I forget how far away the rest of the world is.

    Luckily we are in a cat phase of our existence and I don’t need to use my beard trimmer to adjust their attitudes, they are beats all the time, anyway.

    • Thank goodness we are heading to summer! It’s been a very mild spring so winter feels like it is drawing on endlessly. I want the weather to warm!

  2. Love the new look, and I am sure Ludo does too!


  3. So cute. He looks like a little teddy bear.

  4. He looks way more comfortable. During our lockdown, many dog groomers were still open, so only the humans really, really needed haircuts when things opened back up.

    • Ours was a really strict lockdown, so only essential services (basically health, supermarkets and emergency repair type things) were open.

      But it’s paid off, as we’re about to hit 90% 12+ vax’d and our daily covid numbers have plummeted (in the ACT).

  5. He looks very handsome and proud of his new haircut!

    • He looked a little shell-shocked at first, something like, “why am I naked?!”, but he really does love it now. He’s bouncing all over the place, lol.

  6. A very nice new look for your Good Boy! It must have been a relief, both for him and you!

  7. Awww, Ludo sure looks different! Very cute, may I say šŸ™‚
    Happy Halloween!

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