Bell birds and more

Over the weekend, The Hub and I were driving through some bush and the birds were enjoying the weather as much as we were. Here’s a 15 second recording I made. The bell birds are obvious (they sound like little bells – lovely to hear, but if you are camping near a flock you soon end up rather demented as they are unrelenting, lol). The other birds I recognise from the calls are a wattlebird, rosellas and wrens, although there are more species than that in the recording.

Bird recording near Gillard Beach, NSW, Australia

How is it different to the bird choruses where you live?

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  1. Giggling Fattie

    July 24, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    Oooo that was beautiful! I never really pay attention to the birds here hahaha unless its 5am and they are waking me up 😅😅

  2. There are all manner of birds’ songs here where I live (Pacific Northwest): melodic songbirds and raucous crows and ravens. And the surprisingly dainty “tinkly” noises of bald eagles (film makers usually dub in the fiercer cry of hawks when they film a bald eagle) . I love them all.


    • We don’t have crows in the city I live in (although we have them in Australia) – but we have ravens. Plus quite a few other hoarsy, croaky birds. I had no idea bald eagles were dainty songbirds because you are right, they always sound fierce in the movies.

  3. That is wonderful. My birds here are either melodic or cawing (the hundreds of blackbirds who like joining me in the backyard). What a great quality recording.

    • Thanks, Jacqui. I am rather thrilled it worked as well as it did. I was just disappointed I missed the long belly laugh a couple of kookaburras woke us up with.

  4. Right now we have lots of quacking and honking (although I haven’t seen the geese in a couple days). And add in a bullfrog (it sounds like a fog horn).

    • Ducks and geese are great too. I don’t have any waterbirds close by, although there are quite a few in Canberra and surrounds. Your bullfrog is much louder than our frogs!

  5. That was fun to hear! I’ve never heard of bell birds. We’ve had a noisy blue jay hanging around lately who occasionally has a splash in the bird bath around 4 in the afternoon.

    • I get quite a collection of birds parading through my bird bath, although they all tend to be larger species birds. I am working towards encouraging smaller species, but I need the bushes and trees I’ve planted around the bird bath to grow more so the little birds feel safer.

  6. I have a feeder right outside our picture window. It has been there for over twenty years and we have documented over 18 varieties feeding there. Five of those are migratory birds that stop on their way through.

    My favorite call is not a bird that partakes of the feeder. It is an Eastern Screech Owl that nests in our back yard. Lovely way to start an evening.

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